Digital EPIC

In applications characterized by intricate process patterns and a demand for features like partial stroke testing (PST) and remote emergency shutdown (ESD) initiation, Digital EPIC position transmitters emerge as the ideal choice. These transmitters offer continuous monitoring of valve travel while seamlessly integrating other essential valve control functions, ensuring that you remain constantly informed and in control. 

When it comes to discrete control and precise non-contact feedback, our stand-alone digital position and control transmitters shine. They communicate digitally via HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocols, providing unparalleled control precision and feedback accuracy. 

Engineered as a cohesive integrated package, Digital EPIC transmitters are equally at home on both rotary and linear valves. They are approved for use in hazardous environments, ensuring safety for your operations. 

These transmitters feature advanced input sensors, allowing for easy field device communication. This innovation ensures that safety is upheld even in potentially explosive environments, underscoring our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety and reliability.