Switches and Sensors


Our control and monitoring equipment can be fitted with a variety of switches and sensors to provide the optimum combination and ideal solution for each application


SPDT mechanical switch V3
A V3 SPDT (single pole double throw) mechanical switch (Form C).

DPDT mechanical switch (Licon)
A Form CC DPDT (double pole double throw) mechanical switch with silver-plated contacts.

Magnum XT-90 hermetically sealed proximity switch
Hermetically-sealed proximity switches with either pure tungsten or rhodium contacts for use with low power I/Os to provide longer contact life.

P+F NJ2-V3-N inductive proximity sensor
Intrinsically safe

A solid state inductive proximity sensor with in NAMUR output. It is ideal for use in devices within potentially explosive atmospheres.

MagPAC Modular Sensors
Modular sensors with bifurcated reed switches designed specifically for use in low power and high DI card capacitance discrete position feedback applications.

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