Westlock’s Quantum series combine valve monitoring and control within a single solution. Quantum Control Monitors are a smart and efficient solution designed to make valve monitoring and automation processes easier than ever. These monitors come equipped with pre-wired solenoid pilot valves, offering assorted options for materials, coil voltages, and the number of coils. These monitors integrate position sensors and low-power solenoid valves into a single unit, enabling faster commissioning – controlling pneumatic actuator.

Perfect for all types of rotary valves, Quantum Control Monitors can be easily via a valve actuator. Their versatility extends to linear valves as well, thanks to an explosionproof junction housing and hermetically sealed proximity switches.

The Quantum series is suitable for a wide range of applications, from general-purpose to hazardous environments. With Quantum, you get an all-in-one solution that simplifies valve monitoring and control while ensuring energy efficiency and ease of installation.

About Westlock Controls

Introducing Westlock Controls, the global leader in automated valve monitoring & control. For 40 years, Westlock Controls has delivered industry leading valve monitoring and control solutions. Westlock thoughtfully designs products that are engineered to last and equip customers with meaningful diagnostics to deliver desired operational performance. Our valve monitoring and control solutions include on/off valve applications where users can select from leading limit switch box technology or more advanced 4-20mA position transmitters.