Introducing the Westlock MagPAC, a revolutionary valve monitoring sensor that offers unbeatable reliability, this innovative breakthrough can deliver up to 100M cycles! Additionally, MagPAC boasts the distinct advantage of dual certification, allowing customers to simplify inventory with a single switch box suitable for both Intrinsically Safe and Non-Incendive locations.

MagPAC sensor module come standard with LED indication for intuitive field diagnostics. The exceptionally bright LED indicators provide individual confirmation of both switch and solenoid performance, delivering enhanced visibility for easy field troubleshooting. Industry leaders trust MagPAC, differentiated technology that delivers industry leading reliability and functionality.

About Westlock Controls

Introducing Westlock Controls, the global leader in automated valve monitoring & control. For 40 years, Westlock Controls has delivered industry leading valve monitoring and control solutions. Westlock thoughtfully designs products that are engineered to last and equip customers with meaningful diagnostics to deliver desired operational performance. Our valve monitoring and control solutions include on/off valve applications where users can select from leading limit switch box technology or more advanced 4-20mA position transmitters.