The Intellis family of industrial control field Network Control Monitors use embedded control systems to automate valves and link field I/O to the host PLC or DCS. A field network is a specified number of network monitors, interconnected by a common communications protocol. Each monitor is assigned a unique address and accepts input/output signals from valve position sensors, solenoids and external alarm and control devices. The Network Control Monitors are connected directly to either an electric or pneumatic actuated valve package and house two discrete Hall Effect sensors for valve position monitoring, a low-power solenoid valve for integrated actuation control, and a network interface module (Pac) for communication via a protocol of choice. Protocols supported include ASi®, DeviceNetTM, FOUNDATION FieldbusTM, PROFIBUS-DP, ModBus® and ModBus® Direct. The network monitors communicate with a PLC, DCS or host computer via a gateway interface or scanner card having specific compatibility with the primary control network. Intellis Network Control Monitors are available for linear or rotary applications in all area classifications.