The mining industry requires solutions that help make the mining and refining processes safer and more efficient. Westlock Controls is helping customers worldwide to achieve these goals through precise valve position monitoring and control for flow, process and pipelines in the mining, metals and minerals industries.

Whether for the production of alumina, copper, gold, iron ore, nickel, steel or coal, Westlock Controls advanced monitoring and networked solutions are proven in use on valves from high pressure slurry to common water applications, helping to maximize production with reliable, advanced technologies that meet your rigorous production needs. Our smart solutions help to enhance plant production through-put and allow our customers to focus on production, not costly maintenance down-time.

Providing totally integrated position and control monitors enables Westlock Controls to meet the most stringent international standards and the highest levels of protection while careful selection of materials and components in the widest variety of options ensures compact, effective, durable solutions for the most aggressive of environments.