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Leaders in Valve Monitoring & Control

For 40 years, Westlock Controls has delivered industry leading valve monitoring and control solutions. Westlock’s thoughtfully designed products are engineered to last and equip customers with meaningful diagnostics to deliver desired operational performance.

Control Valve Solutions

Delivering simplicity & reliability to your control valves​

On/Off Valve Solutions

Build your valve package for any environment.


Westlock manufactures a wide range of products for the monitoring and control of process valves. Our products have been developed using the latest technology and are intended to work seamlessly with both on/off and modulating valves and actuators to help improve both performance and safety.

About Us

Westlock Controls has a global reputation providing innovative solutions for networking, monitoring, and controlling process valves. Our focus on technology and supplying reliable products manufactured to the highest industry standards, makes us a preferred choice with the world’s leading process companies and a trusted partner developing even better solutions for the future.

Industries Served

Westlock Controls is an established global supplier of valve position monitoring and control systems to industries such as oil and gas, power, water, mining, chemical and food and beverage. With innovative solutions, technological know-how and engineering expertise Westlock Controls is a preferred choice for businesses around the world.

Westlock Controls
Product Line


We offer instrumentation expertise and advice, because we understand that specialized products require customized expert support.


Safety is our priority. Our products meet high safety standards and are therefore used and accepted in the refining, power, chemical and petrochemical industries, worldwide.


Quality is always at the core of our business. Our products and systems are subjected to thorough measurements and quality checks throughout the production process.

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Selecting the optimal valve monitoring and control solution is critical, as different applications have unique requirements. Factors to consider include the specific industrial process, operating conditions, environmental elements, and desired level of automation & feedback.

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The Science Behind Partial Stroke Testing

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