We don’t like to brag here at Westlock, but we do have bragging rights. We earned that right backed by our customer first philosophy & our global reputation for innovative solution. We launched the FIRST hermetically sealed proximity sensor engineered for monitoring linear controls valves back in the late 80s – AccuTrak™ Silver Bullet.

Globally Certified for Hazardous Areas

INMETRO, SIL 3, ETLO, NEPSI, EX, IECEx Certifications

The most challenging and hazardous area classifications are no match for our globally certified AccuTrak™ Silver Bullet. Corrosion is the enemy of valves. Processes where caustics, acids, chlorides, and saltwater are present, can commonly cause corrosion. Silver Bullet, backed by ETL, CSA, ATEX, and IECEx certifications, isolates critical interior components from moisture and corrosion intrusion.

Need regional compliance? Silver Bullet is certified with INMETRO, NEPSI/CCC, and several other regulatory bodies.

Have a critical safety application? Silver Bullet is SIL 3 capable, and can be designed in your Safety Integrated Function.

Limit Switches & Sensors

Silver Bullet is Globally Certified for Hazardous Locations!

Hermetically Sealed Proximity Sensor that is Engineered To Last

Our hermetically sealed proximity sensor, Silver Bullet, is enclosed in a 316 stainless jacket, the highly corrosion resistant contacts are hermetically sealed in an inert atmosphere. These contacts are then encapsulated in a resin coating to cushion the sensor in case of shock or vibration, which is further encapsulated in a premium grade polymer impervious to moisture, chemicals and solvents.

Have a particularly cold or hot environment? The Silver Bullet can handle temperatures from -50°C to +85°C – no problem.

Why hermetic sealing?

Simply stated – hermetic sealing means that the container is airtight so that no liquid or gas can go in or come out. Such sealing in sensors provides circuit reliability in the form of corrosion-resistance and contact integrity.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Startup and maintenance made easy with Fieldset™ triggering system

Let’s face it! Startup is a pain, and maintenance can be a hassle. Sensors are made and broken at the contact point. Sensors set for position at the factory do not always remain that way once arrived on the field or connected to pipelines and conduit systems. Final field adjustment is necessary and often a difficult task as sensors are held firmly in place by rigid conduits. A flexible Fieldset™ triggering system eliminates this by providing a unique double upper and lower trigger for ease of field installation.

Eventually, as valve seats wear, a slight adjustment of position sensors are required. Fieldset™ triggering system allows for fast re-setting by the simple turning of a bolt rather than the disconnecting of rigid conduit systems.

AccuTrak™ Silver Bullet = CAPEX Savings

By eliminating seal fittings, reducing wiring, installation time and labor costs, the Silver Bullet can save up to 40% up-front costs compared to the conventional method of potting.

Safety, Quality, Performance…These are the foundations of innovation at Westlock Controls for over 35 years.

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