What is a Digital Positioner

Versatile Integration for Precision Control

A versatile solution designed to enhance precision and control in a wide range of industrial control valve applications. Equipped with HART®, Foundation Fieldbus, or Profibus PA connectivity options, this state-of-the-art device ensures seamless integration into your existing systems. Featuring non-contact position sensing technology and low air consumption pneumatics, it offers highly efficient and reliable operation. The on-board position transmitter provides real-time process feedback, displayed conveniently on the LCD screen with user-friendly keypad input. With full auto-calibration capabilities and remote mountable design, our digital positioner simplifies setup and maintenance. What’s more, it’s a single device that caters to both linear and rotary, single or double-acting configurations, making it a versatile and cost-effective choice for your control needs.

Innovative Remote Mounting for Extended Lifespan

The ICoT offers a remarkable remote mounting feature, enabling the main electronics enclosure of the positioner to be conveniently placed at a standard distance of 50 feet, with an optional extension of up to 150 feet. This innovative capability effectively isolates the positioner from challenging conditions such as temperature fluctuations, vibrations, and hard-to-reach areas, promoting prolonged product lifespan and enhanced safety measures. Moreover, it strategically relocates both electronics and pneumatics away from potential hazards, ensuring the utmost protection for your equipment.

Microprocessor-Driven Profibus-PA/FF Protocol

Westlock’s cutting-edge digital positioner represents a microprocessor-driven system, harnessing the power of the Profibus-PA/FF protocol to precisely manage valve positioning. As a two-wire instrument, it efficiently receives both the signal and power directly from the bus, operating on a voltage range of 9-32 Vdc while maintaining a remarkably low consumption rate of only 12.5mA. In addition, it comes equipped with a DTM, facilitating seamless calibration and online diagnostics through user-friendly software, ensuring optimal performance and ease of maintenance

Advanced Diagnostics for Real-Time Performance Monitoring

The ICoT digital positioner delivers on-line, actionable diagnostics with the ability to detect deviations from established patterns of behavior as they occur under actual operating conditions. The positioner’s diagnostic capability observes the following parameters:

  • Valve position vs. input signal
  • Actuator pressure vs. valve position
  • Airset filter outlet pressure
  • Confirmation of principal operating pressures within the positioner
  • Pressure generation within packing gland area

These parameters can enable diagnosing stick-slip detection, excessive static position error, low air supple pressure, clogged air supply filter, restricted transducer nozzle, transducer diaphragm air leak, non-functioning spool valve, and lastly calibration error.

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