Leading the Way in Valve Position Sensing  

To enhance your plant’s performance and elevate overall efficiency, crucial factors come to the forefront—ensuring consistent and precise valve monitoring. Our AccuTrak position monitors, commonly referred to as “limit switchboxes”, are the epitome of precision, offering top-notch monitoring capabilities for both rotary and linear valves, rendering them an indispensable asset for any industrial valve application.

The AccuTrak family presents a unified solution for monitoring process valves. It consolidates switches/sensors, wiring terminals, enclosure, and local visual indication into a single compact unit, suitable for both weatherproof and hazardous locations. To enhance functionality and automation, an integrated solenoid valve can be added to the switchbox.


What makes Westlock Controls AccuTrak Switchboxes different?

Discover the unparalleled versatility of Westlock Controls’ AccuTrak switchboxes, setting them apart through an extensive range of internal options. Within the AccuTrak switchbox, you’ll find an array of switch/sensor choices, including Mechanical SPDT, Mechanical DPDT, Inductive Proximity Sensors, and the groundbreaking Magnum Proximity Reed switches. Renowned for their reliability, these switches have been deployed across the globe, standing up reliably in some of the most demanding and corrosive environments.


MagPAC Sensor

One standout feature is the integration of the MagPAC revolutionary valve monitoring sensor, ensuring unparalleled reliability. MagPAC stands out as a truly exceptional valve monitoring sensor due to its innovative use of a bifurcated reed switch. This advanced technology ensures a remarkable 100 million cycles of reliable operation, setting MagPAC apart as a reliable and long-lasting solution for valve monitoring and control systems. Its dual certification simplifies inventory management by providing a single switchbox suitable for both Intrinsically Safe and Non-Incendive locations. Moreover, the MagPAC’s unique design incorporates breaking forces that provide a self-cleaning effect, maximizing the switch’s lifespan and contributing to its exceptional durability.


Silver Bullet

For linear valve applications demanding exceptional resilience, the AccuTrak Silver Bullet steps in as a hermetically sealed linear position switch. This switchbox is certified explosionproof, making it suitable for hazardous industrial environments and exposure to challenging external conditions.

AccuTrak’s Silver Bullet emerges as a pinnacle of innovation with its remarkable features. Constructed from robust 316 stainless steel, this switchbox is available with SPDT or DPDT switches, providing versatile solutions for diverse applications. The low-temperature option extends its operational range down to -50 degrees Celsius, ensuring reliability in challenging environments. The cable, marked as appliance wiring material UL758, ensures top-notch safety standards.

Offering flexibility, the Silver Bullet comes with both Tungsten and Rhodium contacts, with the latter specifically designed for low-power I/Os, promising an extended contact life. Notably resistant to shock, vibration stresses, and chemical exposure, this switchbox is well-equipped to endure harsh industrial conditions. To enhance its functionality, a magnetic trigger bolt is included, adding a layer of precision to valve monitoring systems.


Magnum Hermetically Sealed Proximity Switch

Adding to Westlock’s distinctive offerings is the Magnum switch, uniquely crafted for longevity. These hermetically sealed proximity switches feature either pure tungsten or rhodium contacts, designed for use with low-power I/O’s to extend contact life significantly. With a remarkable lifespan of 600,000 cycles, the Magnum switch ensures enduring reliability in diverse industrial applications.


Beacon Visual Indicator 

Sitting atop the switchbox enclosure, Westlock’s Beacon Position Indicator stands out as a versatile solution, providing visual position and flow path monitoring across diverse applications. Crafted from robust and corrosion-resistant clear co-polyester, the Beacon ensures both durability and enhanced safety for plant personnel. Its single, visual position monitoring feature allows for immediate recognition of valve position, boasting 360° color coding for maximum visual impact. The unique contrast offered by the Beacon enables valve position indication from up to 150 feet, ensuring unparalleled visibility and safety in industrial environments.

Beyond providing a true measure of valve performance and eliminating guesswork, the Beacon significantly reduces costs during system start-up. It also offers positive mechanical monitoring of multiport control valves. Its resilience to a broad range of chemical reagents makes it an invaluable asset in diverse industrial settings.




In the realm of valve monitoring, AccuTrak switchboxes from Westlock Controls redefine the standard, providing an unparalleled selection of internal options to meet the diverse needs of industrial applications.



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