Westlock Controls offers customers integrated solutions for many stages of the water lifecycle. From helping customers to desalinate, transport, treat and distribute water efficiently to ensuring reliability in waste water processes, our valve positioning and control products help to optimize plant and pipeline infrastructure.

Whether it’s building a new or optimizing an existing plant or pipeline, Westlock Controls has a solution for:

Desalination: bringing customers reliable products to help maximize production capacity for one of the most popular non-traditional sources of obtaining this precious resource.

Distribution: integrated, industry-leading products that are cost-effective, outlast the competition and meet today’s environmental regulations.

Reuse/Recycle: whether a plant is recycling water for human consumption, crop irrigation or to return to an ocean or river our complete line of products assist at every stage in the process, from treatment to distribution.

Transmission: We supply a broad range of products that are designed to meet the positioning and control needs of valves on the large-scale steel pipelines used in water transmission.

Treatment: helping plants deliver clean water efficiently to populations where potable water may not be available otherwise while meeting new, stringent regulations and increasing energy efficiency to decrease operating costs.

Wastewater: helping to process everything from storm water to industrial site drainage, to the primary, secondary and tertiary stages of sewage filtration.