Providing consistently precise valve position monitoring and control helps processing plants to optimize performance, run more efficiently and increase production while maintaining the integrity and standards of their end product.

With millions of control monitors in service and hundreds of thousands of valves networked through our Intellis products within the world’s process industries, Westlock Controls is firmly established as a global leader. Helping customers around the globe to achieve new levels of efficiency, safety and sustainability by providing unmatched reliability, quality and cost efficiency for customers worldwide.

Our products are designed, engineered and certified to meet the diverse needs of the widest range of production processes – from the potentially harsh, corrosive, explosive and combustible environments of chemical and petrochemical plants to the need for the highest levels of sanitary performance for food, beverage, fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals production.

Increased globalisation has created the need for guaranteed consistency wherever a product may be applied. Westlock Controls’ fully integrated solutions provide this reassurance through approval to all applicable international standards, fulfilling the most stringent protection requirements for:

  • Valve position monitoring
  • Valve operational control
  • Valve field networking
  • Partial Stroke Testing (PST)
  • Emergency Shut Down (ESD)