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This Ex Non-conformance notice is to inform you that the following Aluminum Westlock Controls products purchased between the dates of Jan 1st 2020 and Aug 24th 2021 have a potential quality

Series Effected – AccuTrak™ 360, 2600; Quantum™ 360, 2600; Digital EPIC™ D261, D460

Area Effected – Housing and cover threads may potentially be out of specification.

Customers who acted upon the Product recall noticed dated Aug 2021, no further action required.

To ensure conformity, we ask you to measure the thread dimensions on the housings and the covers of these units using a vernier or micrometer and report these to Westlock Controls, see the instruction sheet provided.

To alleviate the issue, Westlock will completely replace the non-conforming parts free of charge. In case dimensions are out of tolerance, please refer to the following guidelines for replacements.

Scenario Customer Actions Westlock Actions
Cover and housing threads are per the dimensions No further action No further action
Cover thread in tolerance; Housing threads out of tolerance Send the entire unit back on RMA Replace the entire unit free of charge
Both cover and housing thread dimensions are out of tolerance Send the entire unit back on RMA Replace the entire unit free of charge
*Refer to the Instruction Sheet to check non-conformity on Westlock’s Explosionproof screw-on products

This Non-conformity notice is intended to reach all end users of our product series specified above. If you have purchased a product within this timeframe then please contact Westlock Controls, as soon as possible. We thank you for your continued support and commitment to Westlock Controls.

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