Support for CS transmitter has ended

The next generation of valve position transmitters is here! Get ready to experience the globally approved, simple, intuitive 4-20 mA position transmitter with HART® 7 that is engineered to last! Keep your plant’s productivity up with our Digital EPIC™ D200.

Support for CS has ended. If you are still using CS, the product will be
more vulnerable to accuracy loss over time.

Transform The Way You Monitor On-Off Valves

Improve your plant’s operation, reduce downtime & respond to maintenance decisions faster!

Make the “Switch” to Digital EPIC™ D200

Take advantage of D200 integrated with HART®7 technology!
Learn more by visiting the Digital EPIC™ D200 Page!

Digital EPIC D200 Benefits

Global Approvals

Non-Contact Position Feedback

Longer Operational Life with Less Maintenance

Greater Reliability & Greater Plant Availability

HART® 7 Standard

Frequently Asked Questions

What does end of support mean?
End of support means that Westlock Controls will no longer offer new part numbers, spare parts, retrofit kits, special features, and technical support for the product.
What will happen if I continue to use CS transmitter?

You can continue to use CS transmitter, but the product will lose accuracy overtime because of mechanical wear and tear on the gears. To take advantage of the latest technology, we recommend upgrading to our gearless Digital EPIC D200 transmitter that can operate up to 10 million cycles.

How does this affect hazardous location compliance?

Although all existing hazardous location certifications for products with CS transmitter are still valid, Westlock Controls will not extend the compliance certificates beyond their expiration dates. Please contact our Sales Representatives to understand the validity of your products.

Can I retrofit CS transmitter units to Digital EPIC D200 transmitter?

No. Westlock Controls developed D200 transmitter to be the best-in-class transmitter in smallest footprint possible. This has led to significant design variation from the CS transmitter.

Does this apply to criterions and specialty items?

Yes. The end of support will also be applicable to all criterions and specialty items. Please contact us to assist you in transitioning these products to D200 transmitter.

Where can I learn more about end of support?

You can contact local Sales Representatives to learn more. They will be happy to assist you.