D200 Advantages

Unleashing the Power of Innovation: D200 Position Transmitter

In the fast-evolving world of industrial automation, reliability, efficiency, and ease of use are paramount. To meet these demands head-on, Westlock Controls proudly presents the Digital EPIC D200 position transmitter, a cutting-edge solution that redefines performance in valve control and monitoring.

Experience uninterrupted monitoring and obtain accurate 4-20mA feedback through the advanced Digital Epic D200 Position Transmitter. Harnessing our non-contact sensor technology, this transmitter ensures consistent position measurement, effectively eliminating wear and extending its operational lifespan. Equipped with rapid and user-friendly push-button calibration, it enables convenient on-site feedback, diagnostics, and seamless communication using the HART® 7 protocol.

Seamless Commissioning, Lower Costs

The D200 position transmitter boasts a user-friendly approach to commissioning. With simple button calibration and a local digital display that adheres to the NAMUR NE43 standard and beyond, setup becomes a breeze. This not only saves valuable time but also reduces installation costs by making it an ideal choice for industries seeking efficiency without compromise.

Versatility Meets Global Certification

For hazardous areas, the D200 transmitter emerges as a versatile and globally certified solution. Its end-of-travel sensors and a range of enclosure material options ensure compliance with stringent safety requirements, paving the way for secure operations in challenging environments. No matter the location or the industry, the D200 transmitter proves to be a reliable ally, unlocking new possibilities for seamless integration and enhanced safety.

Simplicity in Configuration, Power in Communication

The D200 transmitter brings forth an unparalleled ease of configuration. Leveraging the latest communication technology, the HART®7 protocol with DD/FDT® DTM allows for effortless calibration and diagnostics. This enables operators to access real-time information and valuable insights, promoting proactive maintenance and minimizing downtime.

Flexibility to Thrive

The D200 position transmitter empowers industries with its flexible switch options, offering the ability to host a variety of switches and sensors for additional end-of-travel indication. This adaptability ensures the seamless integration of the D200 into diverse applications, tailoring its performance to the unique needs of each process.


The D200 position transmitter from Westlock Controls stands as a testament to the power of innovation in the realm of industrial automation. With its non-contact position feedback design, ease of commissioning, versatility, and flexible switch options, the D200 transmitter raises the bar for reliability, efficiency, and user-friendly performance. Experience the future of valve control and monitoring with the D200 Position Transmitter – where excellence meets simplicity.

For more information about the D200 its capabilities, visit the official website or connect with Westlock Controls today. Harness the potential of innovation and drive your industrial processes to new heights with the D200 position transmitter.

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