Quick Ship Program for AccuTrak™

Rotary Position Monitors & NAMUR brackets

Westlock can now offer next day shipment on our most popular monitors and Namur bracket orders - regardless of quantity. Specific combinations of our Models 9479/2007 and Model 2004 units with NAMUR brackets will be available for shipment 24 hours after receipt of order*. Contact Westlock today at quickship@westlockcontrols.com to expedite your Quick Ship Orders.

Model 9479/2007 Explosionproof
Fully integrated and encapsulated rotary valve position moditors that are certified for use in explosive atmospheres.

Model 2004 Weatherproof
Weatherproof rotary position monitors with the option of high-performance resin, powder coated aluminum and stainless-steel enclosures. Impervious to moisture, chemicals and solvents.

* Non-Quick ship orders will ship using standard lead-time delivery.

For more information on Westlock, visit our website at www.westlockcontrols.com.