Elevate your control valve operations with the cutting-edge Westlock Controls K20 Smart Positioner, a versatile solution designed to elevate the reliability of your control valve. Crafted with the end user in mind, this smart positioner redefines reliability and simplicity.

Designed for endurance, this positioner utilizes non-contact Hall Effect sensing to eliminate conventional linkages that are prone to failure. Additionally, the K20 deploys a robust spool valve manifold, rigorously tested to withstand an impressive 2 billion cycles of operation. This ensures unparalleled reliability and longevity, even in the most demanding environments.

Enjoy effortless navigation through its intuitive user interface, setting a new standard for user-friendliness. Experience lightning-fast auto-calibration speeds, to expedite commissioning. Available with HART 7 protocols, the smart positioner offers remote access and improved device communication for greater control and convenience. For enhanced diagnostic feedback, the K20 Smart Positioner comes standard with a 4-20mA positioner transmitter, and optional limit switches providing accurate and real-time position feedback.

About Westlock Controls

Introducing Westlock Controls, the global leader in automated valve monitoring & control. For 40 years, Westlock Controls has delivered industry leading valve monitoring and control solutions. Westlock thoughtfully designs products that are engineered to last and equip customers with meaningful diagnostics to deliver desired operational performance. Our valve monitoring and control solutions include on/off valve applications where users can select from leading limit switch box technology or more advanced 4-20mA position transmitters.