New Product Launch: K20 HART Smart Positioner 

Welcome to Westlock Controls, the premier destination for cutting-edge valve monitoring and control solutions. For over forty years, we’ve been committed to engineering products that redefine industry standards and empower our customers with unparalleled operational performance.

Experience Unrivaled Ease and Control 

 Get ready to take your operations to new heights with the K20 Smart Positioner, now equipped with HART 7 protocol. Seamlessly navigate through menu structures with the enhanced LCD screen and capacitive buttons, making configuration adjustments a breeze. Intuitive HART 7 protocol enables easy access to device information and remote access capabilities.


Unleash Unmatched Precision and Reliability

Engineered with precision and reliability in mind, the K20 Smart Positioner sets a new standard for dependability, even in the most challenging environments. Its robust spool valve manifold, tested to endure an astonishing 2 billion cycles of operation, ensures longevity and performance that you can rely on, every time.


Say Goodbye to Compromise

Bid farewell to mechanical wear and degradation with the K20’s non-contact Hall Effect sensors, designed to deliver precise positioning without compromise. Whether for rotary or linear applications, this groundbreaking technology ensures unparalleled precision, setting a new standard for valve control efficiency.


Adaptability Redefined

Adaptability is at the core of the K20’s design, offering unparalleled versatility to simplify your supply chain. Equipped with industry-leading flow capability and the ability to transition between Single and Double Acting capability seamlessly, our positioner streamlines your operations. Choose from rugged enclosure options, including Engineered Resin, low copper Aluminum, or CF8M (316) Stainless Steel, each offering exceptional corrosion resistance and durability for reliable performance in any environment.


Upgrade Your Operations with Advanced Feedback 

Elevate your operations with the K20’s enhanced position feedback and visibility, courtesy of its 4-20mA transmitter. With precise monitoring of valve positions, you can make informed decisions and optimize system efficiency with confidence, always ensuring peak performance.


Simplify Your Control Valve Needs

As technology advances and automation becomes increasingly prevalent, the K20 Smart Positioner provides a simplified solution for control valve applications. Trust Westlock Controls to simplify your valve control needs and elevate your operations with the K20 Smart Positioner.


For inquiries about this article or to consult with Westlock Controls experts regarding K20 HART, please visit our website at or contact us at +1-201-794-7650.




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