As a leader in providing innovative solutions for networking, monitoring and controlling process valves, Westlock Controls has a manufacturing location in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, USA . We are a global company able to satisfy the latest international standards and wide range of process conditions.

We are passionate about our people, growing our business and driving operational excellence while making a positive impact on the global community. If you are equally passionate about the work you do, we encourage you to explore the world of opportunities with Westlock Controls.

Westlock Controls aims to grow and manage its business on a strong foundation of diversity and inclusion.

We believe in an environment of diversity and inclusion that supports all employees to reach their full potential, feel respected, be valued and appreciated for who they are so they individually and collectively can do their best work. Diversity, in a simple form, means differences not only in age, gender and race, but also thought, style, culture, religion, background etc. Differences within the workforce can foster creativity, innovation, new ideas, and outside-the-box thinking.

However, difference in itself guarantees nothing. How we handle difference makes all the difference. To do so, we must create a culture of inclusion that fosters a workforce reflective of the diversity of our customers, empowers innovation and creative thinking, and supports our employees’ pursuit of excellence in everything we do. We believe that, through diversity, we access the best people, and through inclusion, we inspire the best in our people.