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Pneumatic Rotary Valve Positioner

A force balance pneumatic positioner designed for the proportional operation of quarter turn rotary actuators. It is suitable for direct mounting to Pentair Valves & Control’s range of pneumatic actuators and to all NAMUR actuators.

Features & Benefits:

  • Compact enclosure - mounted directly and axially to the actuator stem by means of standard kit.
  • Updated design provides improved features while maintaining original dimensions cam profile and product calibration
  • Captive fixings used throughout to prevent loss on site
  • High visibility Beacon and graduated indicator disc allows easy on-site monitoring
  • Conduit boss is integral to enclosure wall providing greater strength and reduced footprint
  • Indicator gives visual position of the final control element.
  • Stable positioning characteristics provided for both small and large actuators.
  • Action (direct or reverse) is easily reversed in the field by turning cam and reversing air connection.
  • Usable for double-acting or single-acting service.
  • Unaffected by normal supply pressure fluctuations.
  • Integral electric limit switches option.
  • Optional adapter and bracket kit for NAMUR actuators (bracket kit sold separately).

Technical data
Enclosure standards (IEC)IP66
SwitchesSPDT mechanical switches (optional)
EnclosureAnodized aluminum

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Technical Data Sheets

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793 Pneumatic Positioner (English)

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