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Foundation Fieldbus Control Transmitter - NEMA

Discrete position control and precision, non-contact position feedback with digital communication via FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocol in a simple, integrated package. With options for linear or rotary control valves and remote PST and ESD initiation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Microprocessor based technology allows digital communication via FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocol.
  • Remote and local partial stroke test (PST) and emergency shut down (ESD) initiated remotely via FOUNDATION Fieldbus signal for safety system applications.
  • Optional external button to initiate partial stroke test.
  • Valve position measurement via a non-contact magnetic pick-up eliminates mechanical drive arms or linkages increasing reliability in high cycle applications or where vibration is present.
  • Highly visible position indicator.
  • Available with low power Falcon solenoid valve.
  • Solenoid coils integrated within enclosure
  • Choice of factory pre-wired 3 and 4 way Falcon solenoid valves.
  • Solenoid valves with a choice of Cv ratings and coil voltage
  • Models F430 and F431 feature corrosion-resistant resin enclosure.
  • Models F450 and F451 feature heavy duty 316 stainless steel enclosure.

Technical data
Agency Approvals
Enclosure standards (ANSI/NEMA 250)
All enclosures:Type 4, 4X
F430/F431:Engineered resin
F450/F451:Stainless steel
Falcon Solenoid Valves
Cv:Choice of 0.5, 1.2, 3.5
Materials:Brass, aluminium and stainless steel

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Technical Data Sheets

Digital EPIC F430;F431; F450; F451 Control Transmitters - NEMA (English)

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