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Network Control Monitors, Weatherproof, Intrinsically Safe, Explosionproof - ATEX/IEC

Intellis is a family of fully-integrated control monitors that provide cost-effective valve automation and intelligent networking via all the major network protocols.

Features & Benefits:

  • Dedicated network modules (PACs) for all major protocols.
  • Simple in-field conversion of network protocols.
  • Multiple housing options (resin, aluminium, stainless steel).
  • Models approved for all hazardous area applications.
  • Control & monitoring for rotary and linear valves.
  • Non-contact position monitoring via Hall effect sensors.
  • Integrated pneumatic actuation control via pre-wired Falcon solenoid valves.
  • On-line predictive and maintenance related diagnostics.
  • Eliminates wiring cost of conventionally hardwired I/O systems.
  • Reduces design engineering man-hours
  • Range of drive shaft options.
  • Visual indication Beacon available in a choice of styles and colors.

Agency approvals
Area classification
Non-hazardous3500/8500, 3800/8800 Series
Intrinsically safe3300/8300, 3600/8600 Series
Explosionproof2200 Series
Enclosure standards (IEC) All enclosures IP66/67
Network protocols supported
PROFIBUS DP2200, 3500/8500, 3800/8800 Series
FOUNDATION Fieldbus™  2200, 3300/8300, 3600/8600 Series
DeviceNET™2200, 3500/8500, 3800/8800 Series
AS-Interface. Ver. 3.02200, 3500/8500, 3800/8800 Series
EnclosuresEngineered resin
Stainless steel

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Technical Data Sheets

Intellis Network Control Monitors ATEX/IEC (English)

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Certificates, Approvals & Qualifications

Intellis 2200 ATEX Ex d (English)

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Technical Bulletins

Namur Cast Bracket (English)

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